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Pre Cruise Tour Authorization



Group Name: American Bop Association              TOUR REQUEST FORM


 Guests to sign up for tours in advance and guarantee with credit card, but tours to be charged to room      upon guests arrival. Guests stop by Dragonfly Adventures Tour Desk and pick up and sign their tour   voucher. There is no refund for tours cancelled less than 48 hours in advance these tours will be charged to credit card on file. A 50% cancellation fee will be charged for every tour cancelled with 72-48hrs prior to tour date.





Name of guest: ___________________________________________________




Work tel: ________________ Email:_________________________________________




Date:  Janaury 28, 2011       BIO KAYAK ADVENTURE   (minimum 4 guests)  $85 per person


Number of guests:_____




Date: Janaury 28, 2011      CATAMARAN SAIL & SNORKEL BUFFET   (minimum 4 guests)  $110 per person


Number of guests:______



Date: Janaury 29, 2011      EL YUNQUE RAINFOREST   (minimum 8 guests)  $54 per person


Number of guests:______



Date: Janaury 29, 2011      DANCING AT the LATIN ROOTS   (minimum 4 guests)  $37.44 per person


Number of guests:______



 Date: Janaury 30, 2011      BACARDI RUM DSITILLERY & OLD SAN JUAN   (minimum 11 guests)

     Price reduced to  $44 per person with our currentsign up of11 guestsm price may increase if anyone cancels.

     Tour begins at the Embassy Suties and concludes at the Caribbean Princess


 Number of guests:______



 Payment                               AMEX                                      VISA                                        MASTER CARD


 # of Guests x $_________ (based on one way or roundtrip transfer) = ___________ 


 Credit Card #:_________________________________Exp. Date:___________



 Signature:________________________________________Card Verification #_________


Please send completed form to  Marueen, Just Cruisin’

or fax toll free to 866-733-6607.


Questions, call Maureen  800-727-9577