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                                               SUNDAY     at Sea     the Caribbean Princess

                                        American Bop Association Dancin’ on the High Seas                

                                         9 pm   Club Fusion Lounge         Late Night Dancing          

                                            deck 7 Aft                        ABA DJ Sandy Ferguson     

                                                Collect your ABA gift bag  & name badges    


                                                     MONDAY    St. Thomas USVI     

                                       St Thomas Beach Party & Dancing at Bolongo Bay 

                       ABA exclusive – always a fun day                   RSVP required to Just Cruisin’ 

                                     Beaches, shopping, snorkeling, sailing   It’s Paradise! 

     Club Photos - Meet in the Piazza 5 pm deck 5 --subject to change we'll let you know if any adjustments

                                           Let's Dance:   11 pm – 1 am   Club Fusion      

                                                               ABA DJ Marty Aerne       


                                                         TUESDAY       Dominica       

                              Late Night Dancing                 11:30 pm – 1 am   Club Fusion      

                                         ABA DJ Mickey Salomon   


                                                      WEDNESDAY    Grenada     

                     2 - 3 pm  Club Fusion      Workshop  Lesson  with   Sherry Martin & Beth Goyer                 

                                                          ABA DJ  Linda Huebner         

                                 4:30 – 5:30   Club Fusion       Cocktail Party & Dancing          

                                         Compliments of the American Bop Association       

                                     ABA RAFFLE and RECOGNITION AWARDS 

                              Dancing continues     5:30 – 7 pm         Club Fusion       – cash bar

                                                         ABA DJ  Linda Huebner 

                             Not So Late Night Dancing          9:30 – 11:30 pm    Club Fusion                 

                                                              ABA DJ Sandy Ferguson


                                                        THURSDAY     Bonaire                    

             9 -10 am  Explorer’s Lounge   -  Workshop  Lesson         with Shirley Pomerleau  & Yves Routier    

                                      10 – 11 am  1 more hour for dancing before our Bonaire arrival                                          

                                                                 ABA DJ  Marty Aerne

                 11:00 pm – 1 am   Explorer’s Lounge   Late Night Dancing    ABA  DJ  Marty Aerne                   


                                                               FRIDAY   Aruba  

                            11:15 pm – 1 am     Explorer’s Lounge               Late Night Dancing                                            

                                                       ABA  DJ Mickey Salomon



                                                           SATURDAY     at Sea        

                    8 - 9   Club Fusion    Workshop  Lesson    with Sherry Martin & Beth Goyer

                          wake up early for this workshop - sleep when you get home!

                                    9 - 10:30 am  Club Fusion     Dancing                                                    

                                             ABA DJ  Marty Aerne

          1 - 2  pm     Club Fusion   Workshop Lesson     with Linda Main   &  Bill Porto                            

                                     2 - 3  pm     Club Fusion        Dancing                                     

                                           ABA DJ  Mickey Salomon  


                                     9 -  11 pm     Club Fusion         Late Night Dancing     


                                                             Tonight's ABA DJ's

                                                 Mickey Salomon ~ Nashville Dance Friends

                                           Linda Huebner ~ South Side Imperial Dance Club

                           Marty Aerne & Sandy Ferguson ~ Lake of the Ozarks Swing Dance


                                           ABA Workshop Instructors for the week

                      Sherry Martin & Beth Goyer   South Side Imperial Dance Club, St. Louis, Missouri

                  Yves Routier & Shirley Pomerleau   L'Ecole de National de Rock'n Roll, Montreal, Canada

                            Linda Main & Bill Porto, Steel City Boogie Club, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania